Ok, I just need to share a bit about me. I’ve lived with chronic pain for many, many years. It began after an MVA in 1992 where I was at a dead stop and the lady behind me hit me at 70 mph. Long story short, I’ve lived with chronic neck and low back pain for just as long. However, prior to this, I was a body builder, worked full time, and had one child to raise….by myself. I was never one to whine or take any type of pill. Then, on Christmas Eve last year, 2010, I had another accident. I was going through a green light and the idiot that hit me went through a red and t-boned my car. Both accidents were total losses.

Anyhow, trying to make this short, I have L5S1 Radiculopathy, Fibromyalgia, several surgeries (6 in 6 years. I seem to be averaging one a year!) and I’m tired. I’m tired on the chronic pain. Yes, before you ask, I’ve tried it all: OTC medication, steroid injections, RF Lesioning that didn’t even work for more than a year, and I was started on low dose narcotic pain meds back in 1998. Well, if you know anything about tolerance, needless to say, I am now on HIGH doses of Oxycontin and Oxy IR.

I am seriously considering medical marijuana at this post and would really like some feedback, opinions. I am one that is all for medical marijuana and I know state law has passed it here in California, but Federal law has not.

So, would you guys mind giving me opinions? I sure would appreciate it……..Thanks!